While I think my MBTI results can provide some insight and are worth including (see bottom of page), I believe that the Big Five is a better & more scientifically rigorous framework for understanding personalities.


While I do have strong social skills and a tendency to lead, I prefer calm environments and often need to recover with some time alone after exciting social events. I'll note that I consider my low Cheerfulness score to be due to my low excitability, even though I am very positive & optimistic.


I care strongly for the needs and well-being of others. I am empathetic, amiable, and cooperative. It also looks like I need to work on being more modest! 😅


I set clear goals and pursue them with determination. I am highly organized, orderly, reliable and hard-working.


I am calm and levelheaded. I do not react with intense emotions, even to situations that most people would describe as stressful.

Openness to Experience

I consider myself to be an intellectual, not afraid of challenging convention, and willing to try new things.

I'd also like to provide my (certainly biased) insight to my low scores for Imagination and Artistic Interests:

It's worth noting some of my self-percieved weaknesses (though I'm sure there are some weaknesses I'm oblivious to as well).

I'm actively working to overcome these weaknesses - the first step is awareness!

I'm mostly Introverted. I prefer fewer, yet deep and meaningful, social interactions and feel drawn to calmer environments.

I'm closely centered between being Intuitive & Observing. While I am imaginative and open-minded; I'm also highly practical, pragmatic and down-to-earth. 

I'm closely centered between Thinking & Feeling. I focus on objectivity and rationality, but I still consider the feelings of others to be important.

I'm dominantly Judging. I'm decisive, thorough and highly organized. I value clarity and prefer planning to spontaneity.